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Reliance Net Call 2.0

VoIP client for India
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Reliance Communication

Make mobile calls to and from your PC and get 100 of minutes free when you signup. The program supports up to five simultaneous calls, call forwarding, number blocking and more.

You would not miss a call and would be indicated of a new incoming call while already on a call. You can choose to put the current call on hold to attend the new call or call them back later. You can attend a maximum of five simultaneous calls or conference them.
You can make any of your phone ring when you get a call on your PC. You can forward any incoming call from your PC to any phone or another PC, even when you are offline. Just opt for Call Forwarding and receive calls on the move.
You can block the callers you do not wish to receive calls from. Neither you nor the caller will be able to view the status or contact each other. You can unblock the numbers from the call block list.
Call back people you missed when you were offline or busy on another call. You can view the details of last calls received, made or missed calls.
Talk to as many as five people simultaneously. All you need to do is put any current calls you do not want to be a part of the conference on hold, call the numbers, select the calls and press the start conference button in the same window.
You will receive an alert when you're offline or unable to answer a call along with the date, time of call and number from which call has been received.
You can check and maintain your account balance using the Account Balance feature
You can chat with other Reliance Net Call users and send them emoticons Chat with you Net Call buddies who are online and leave them offline messages to those who are not. Convey your feelings through our funny and effective emoticons.
You can send messages to other Reliance Net Call users even when they are not online. They would be able to view these messages when they are online.
Any conversations you want to treasure or have a log of; you can record them by using the record calls button in the active call window.

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